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my mouse is no where near my character

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I can not click on a thing  rt or lft or middle does nothing, accept I can use it to move  but I have to guess where to place it because it is 4 or 5 inches off of anywhere I wish to move and my keyboard moves my character but that is it I can't use the keys to get a thing   so much for my frightful adventure..

look where my mouse is.png

Steps to Reproduce
client_log.txt I have no idea I just logged in and it was like it is.

User Feedback

It looks like your screen resolution is quite offset. Once you are in the game's main menu, click on the "DATA" icon found in the lower, left side of the screen. This will open up your DoNotStarveTogether folder. In that folder, delete your "client" or "client.ini" file. Deleting this file will reset all of your graphical settings – including the screen resolution to their default values.

From there, launch the game, and you should be able to re-set your graphical settings and resolution once more.

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