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Multiplayer games build buildings or objects at the same time can make it overlap

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hey there~

I'm here again. Today I bring you a bug related to architecture and objects.

First, for this bug to take effect, two or more players need to work together.

Principles and mechanisms:It's very simple, you only need to build the building in the same place.key point:Two people are required to complete this operation at the same time.

And most of the buildings can be superimposed,for example, the Bunnyman’s house and the fire extinguisher can be superimposed on the same position. You can also put things like meat racks. If you can’t collect food on the overlapping meat racks, please use the actionqueue mod, or it has the same function as it.This bug comes from a friendly player.Please fix this bug. thanks.

GIF 2020-7-12 17-55-49.gif

GIF 2020-7-12 17-57-37.gif

GIF 2020-7-12 17-58-33.gif

GIF 2020-7-12 17-59-40.gif

GIF 2020-7-12 18-00-14.gif

GIF 2020-7-12 18-01-01.gif

GIF 2020-7-12 18-01-51.gif

Steps to Reproduce

see you later

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User Feedback

9 hours ago, TheBeast248 said:

i've seen this glitch be used on a public server for bunny hutches.

Hope it can be fixed later

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