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Mouse attacking is still bugged

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All mods were disabled for testing:


So since the QOL update mouse attack is bugged. There were several reports and also fixes (thanks Klei), but it still doesn't work right and has several bugs. There are two that I can easily reproduce all the time. So this is all about mouse-attack, attacking with the keyboard works fine for me. But there are a lot of situations were mouse attack is needed to focus the right target. 

First bug: Attacks with mouse 1 repeat after a single click. It doesn't matter which weapon or target, you click once and the character goes wild :D

Second bug: Forced attacks often don't start after the first click. When I smash walls for decoration I have this all the time. I ctrl+click and the character is saying something, but doesn't start attacking. After a second click he attacks. It doesn't happen always and I don't know yet when it occurs, but it happens really often. The attack-repeat of course also happens here. 


@Klei: I think a lot of players would really appreciate, if mouse attacking would work fine again. I also saw it in several streams since the QOL update and it gets a bit annoying over time. As always thank you for your awesome work on this amazing game! 

Steps to Reproduce

First bug: 
1) use any weapon (good example is ice stuff)
2) click on any target once
3) character starts attacking infinite

Second bug: 
1) place some walls
2) force attack with ctrl+mouse 1 (one click on a wall and then on the next one etc.)
3) Sometimes the character is just saying something and doesn't start attacking. 

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Same for me I am also still getting the mining bug where if I start mining with Lag Compensation in Predictive it halts after 1 hit. My post was marked Fixed but it is still happening for me unless I turn Lag Compensation to None which I do not want.

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Changed Status to Fixed

A fix for the auto-attacking bug should appear in the next hotfix release; it was mainly caused when Lag Compensation was set to None. If you still manage to see this afterwards, please let us know!

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