Malbatross spawner's GetDebugString crashes when there's no fish shoals in the world

  • Fixed
[00:04:07]: [string "scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua"]:222: attempt to get length of upvalue '_shuffled_shoals_for_spawning' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua:222 in (method) GetDebugString (Lua) <217-239>
   self =
      Summon = function - scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua:241
      OnSave = function - scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua:180
      inst = 100035 - world (valid:true)
      OnLoad = function - scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua:197
      Relocate = function - scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua:147
      GetDebugString = function - scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua:217
      OnUpdate = function - scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua:123
      LoadPostPass = function - scripts/components/malbatrossspawner.lua:207
   s = nil
   time_until_spawn = nil
   trying_to_spawn = true


Steps to Reproduce

Call GetDebugString on TheWorld or this component directly

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
19 minutes ago, BoySyrup said:

Zarklord is rolling in his grave

I wouldn't be surprised if he would use his favourite quote: "Working as intended" :D

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