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Lunar Grotto and ancient archive never spawned

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I have an online saved game over 2300 days in.  When the update with both Lunar Grotto and Ancient Archive was updated, those biomes never spawned and therefore cannot advance with the Celestial Champion.  My PS4 ID is Blueravenight and the game is the 2300+ days.  Is there any chance to have this fixed?  I would be grateful not to have to start from scratch. 

Thank you!

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No sure what to put here. 

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11 hours ago, blueravenight said:

Please see attached.  Thank you for looking into this!


DST 1.jpg

The wormhole leads into the Lunar Grotto.

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As QuartzBeam said, the wormhole in the blue mush tree biome will take you to the new area. This is how the new content was retrofitted into existing worlds.

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