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After Moon Quay update I started to experience pretty long loading when going from surface to caves and vice versa. And I'm not the only one who has this issue.

lakhnish reported this multiple times, yet we still don't have a fix for this.

Steps to Reproduce

Go to caves or to surface (mods doesn't matter - even with 15 mods game was loading very fast before)

waiting goes brrr

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User Feedback

It's horrible, for me it's like the old updates now before they did the huge improvement which made loading in caves take only like 10-15 seconds and now it's back to 1 minute or longerĀ :wilson_cry:

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It makes using caves shortcuts really not worth anymore, and basing down there has become less enjoyable because you're always late to everything and keep your friends waiting for you to come up. And the worst part : when you click on those stairs and realise... you forgot something!
We desperately need some improvement on this issue, please.

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