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Lightning makes you close containers.

Kitty Cat Meow
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If lightning strikes while you're going through a container or using a crockpot, the UI will close. Quite annoying during spring.

This should be a good example:

If a player is suddenly in complete darkness, they close any containers / crockpots which are active.

Screen flashes from lightning, gunpowder, etc count as complete darkness for a split second, so the container shuts.

This also happens on the non-multiplayer version of Don't Starve, It's especially bad during Hurricane Season in SW.

Steps to Reproduce
While having a container open and not being near a light source, force lightning to occur.

User Feedback

Yes I can confirm this, and actually it only started happening to me recently in the past few days. When lighting strikes a lighting rod near me if I am in a chest it automatically makes me slam the chest shut.

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Your character is just getting spooked by it. Though its nothing but annoying... Fixing it creates an opportunity of making some character be afraid of lightning,  loosing sanity, closing opened container and dropping a weapon with 10% chance for such character. Those little things, uknow...

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