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Left/Right click mixed up

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39D9DC9F71B1F81A2D4D5B67D4CD38CDE1CE450EOccasionally when I join a new server, without changing any of the settings, I just find that the function of left and right mouse clicks are mixed up in game.  So, for example, in order to pick a sapling I have to right click on it.  For some items that there isn't normally a right click option for it, it is just locked into Inspect item, etc.  I have to actually close DST and reload to get rid of the bug.

Steps to Reproduce
Randomly occurs, no way to know when this bug will occur or not

User Feedback

@RustyNayle, can you be certain that it's just not a hardware issue? i.e. the Alt key being stuck. If it ever happens again, press your alt key a few time and see if it unlocks the Force Examine mode. Cheers.

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