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Key for opening chat & whisper write itself sometimes

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Quick report and not much to say, of course tested without mods and I still use U and Y as default controls for opening the chat,
the problem is that whenever I open it there's a fifty-fifty chance the "u" or "y" will be immediately in the message as I open it.


Steps to Reproduce

Open chat, linked keybind might appear

(guess it's just me since I haven't really noticed anyone reporting it but that's a bug that have been bugging me from time to time)

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Yeah right, I actually even forgot there was a key to open chat commands directly and it enters the key after the / too.

The console doesn't have this problem, know that's not supposed to be the same screen but hopefully this can help to solve out that chat bug. Also I think it's just a problem with the game updating time or something because whenever I'm having freezes (which is quite frequent with my pc), I'm really never having this problem, that's rather strange but I didn't look it up.
I still really hope this gets solved because it's annoying realising there's a random letter in the big wall of text I write sometimes, don't really want to delete it from so far.

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