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Inventory too sensitive/Controller Settings unchangeable

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I'm playing on Mac OS Catalina, and typically use an XBOX 360 controller, however, the problem remains the same with a Steam controller and an XBOX One controller. In game when playing Don't Stave Together, when trying to move between objects in the inventory, it is way too sensitive, which makes it impossible to select what you want reliably. It usually moves 3+ squares at a time, even with the smallest movement. I tried changing lots of settings and nothing helped.

I then tried to change the settings for the controller and found a bug which does not allow settings to be changed. If you try to change them, the screen flickers and automatically changes to R and won't let you move it.

Unfortunately these problems together make the game totally unplayable with a controller. I've played for years, but haven't for a while, and only now is this an issue.

Steps to Reproduce
Use Mac OS Catalina with any controller. Try using the inventory. Also try to change settings in the options - controller menu.

User Feedback

Happens to me too on macOS Catalina 10.15.3. I tried to lower the touchpad axes sensitivity, but it only resulted in inability to move the inventory cursor at all.

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I run Catalina as well. Wanted to try it out on tv +xbox one controller. Super fun on tv but the fun ends when I move through the inventory when I equip backpack...it gets barely playable because the controller(right or left stick) navigates so fast through the inventory it's exremly hard especially with backpack on. Please devs try it out...

Same issue when I build a box/crate (3boards). It's barely playable. 

Please devs help.

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Same problem with latest macOS Catalina and Xbox Series S controller. Game is installed via Steam. To get the controller recognized at all, Steam Input has to be enabled and Xbox controller configuration has to be on. (Turning either setting off means that the controller is not recognized by DST.) It makes the game unplayable.

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