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hosted game crashing since update

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Not sure if this is my computers fault, but ever since I updated my game I haven't been able to successfully host a server (It'll often get right to the loading screen before crashing). I haven't had any trouble joining others and I made sure it wasn't any of my mods. Sorry for the trouble!

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Was just doing what I normally do to host a server!

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same here, I tried creating a new vanilla client-hosted game, no changes to world setting nor worldgen options, but for me it fails before even creating a cluster folder, so I can't get a server log. My application doesn't crash though, I only get the message "dedicated server failed to start"

EDIT: my friend was able to generate a cluster, but still failed after a while. Here is his server log: server_log (2).txt

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Upon more carefully checking my files, I noticed that a cluster had actually been created, I attached it to this post. The server log, both for master and caves, is similar to the one I previously sent. We are both on Mac, but with different OS. Mine is macOS Catalina 10.15.6, his is High Sierra 10.13.6.

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