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Having to DST download again.

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It has been a few months since I play DST. And it has been at least a hundred times I had to redownload DST. 

Whenever I turn my PC off, and open it back sometime, the game is completely deleted. For the details,

I have 395GB left on my data, and when I have to download DST again, it is down to 393GBs because duh, I downloaded it again. And then, the next day or so it asks me to download again and tells me I have 393GBs left. I download it and I have 391GBs left. This happened so much that I am down from 420s to 350s. Please help me.

I get to keep my worlds and local files like ReForged files, etc.

Steps to Reproduce

It is my first time posting so I will answer the two questions below.

What were you doing when this happened?

Restarting my computer? Closing off the game? Those are stuff that causes it.

What steps can we take to cause the issue to happen for us?

Restart your computer maybe? No idea.


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User Feedback

Steam updating or reinstalling DST shouldn't cause your harddrive to be consumed. I would recommend using a program like https://windirstat.net/ to track down where your harddrive space is going. If Steam is leaving large temporary files around, you might need to contact their support about that, but it's not something I'm aware of happening.

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