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grumble bees are buggy on phase 3

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i was fighting bee queen and when she reached phase 3 and command her bees to follow me, half of them didnt move or, if they follow me, come back to her and stay still (very still) while the others keep following me as intended. Never experience such thing in my many fights against her


Steps to Reproduce

fight bee queen, reach phase 3 and try to isolate beequeen, notice that some of the bees dont move or, after moving for few tiles, they come to her again 


User Feedback

I see you were using a thulecite club. The shadow tentacles mess up the AI of most if not all mobs, including the grumble bees, causing them to behave as if the tentacles are a seperate enemy. In the Bee Queen fight, this makes half of the grumble bees "aggro" on the shadow tentacles.

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