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When i was creating a new world, i discovered that Goose/Goose its called Meese/Geese i was confused so i disabled all mods and same happened.I don't know if its a bug or if its spelled Geese/Meese20180714141213_1.thumb.jpg.0bb80640241be2ea71e4a3e221601dbb.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
Go to host game and Moose/Goose its spelled Meese/Geese

User Feedback

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I think Meese/Geese is the plural of Goose/Goose. As you can see most monsters are in plural form (Tentacles, Krampii, Treeguards), and since there can be multiple Goose/Goose in a world at the same time (unlike Bearger, Deerclops and Dragonfly) its name stands in plural too.

So I think it's not a bug, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Edit: I noticed that you wrote "Goose/Goose" instead of "Goose/Goose" and thought "they can't even write correcty"... and look at that, I did the same mistake. Twice. Well done. :D I really should re-read and correct my comments before posting them.

Edit2: oh wow, it weren't us who made those mistakes, something autocorrects the M to G... does this site have an autocorrect? Anyways, I don't want to derail this bug report, I'll make a new thread about it in the forums upgrade subforum. (Edit again:


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