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Glommer's goop production timer gets reset whenever the server restart

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I posted this in the beta bug tracker too, but I figured it might be more appropriate here, as it's not really related to any of the features introduced in the beta.

Glommer is supposed to produce 1 Glommer's Goop every 2-4 days, which is an extremely valuable resource as of the Waterlogged update, because it is the only way to make the Tree Jam you need to grow Above Average Trees.

The problem is the periodicspawner component makes no attempt to save and load the remaining time between server restarts. So if you have to shut down the server, even due to something like a connection error, when you start it back up, periodicspawner will start the timer from the very beginning again.

Meaning that if someone wants to get even 1 Glommer's Goop, they must be able to keep the server running for a continuous 16-32 minutes, effectively penalizing people who have no choice but to play the game in shorter bursts.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Check Glommer's periodicspawner debug string and note the timer's value.

2. Restart the server.

3. Check the timer's value again and notice it's completely different, because it does not persist between saves.

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User Feedback

I also have a Glommer's Goop bug.

When Glommer is on a boat that not in the loading range, Glommer cannot correctly produce Glommer's Goop.

It may not be Glommer's problem, but the unload boat.

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