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Game zoomed into top left corner

mr peeps
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So, Recently I went to DST and noticed that I couldn't really see anything, as It was zoomed into the top left corner. 


PS. I have seen the post about DS where it said to delete "Settings.ini", which doesn't seem to exist for DST. I saw that something called "client" and deleted that, as it looked like the settings. And, it did undo the fullscreen but alas, didn't fix the problem.  



Steps to Reproduce
no idea

User Feedback

Generally, deleting client.ini file would resolved this. As the issue persists, it is likely that your monitor drivers are outdated, or your desktop resolution is set to an outlier resolution. You may want to check with your monitor's manufacturer website for any new drivers for the screen. You can also try changing your desktop resolution to something like 1280x720 or 1920x1080 to see if that resolves it.

Should the screen stay zoomed after trying the steps above, can we get you to delete your current client.ini file, download the attached ini file to this post, and place it in your game folder. If the game starts in full-screen, try windowed mode.


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I found the problem. So I did do what he said but it still didn't work and I got mad accidentally deleted everything in the klei folder then I loaded up the game after i called my laptop stupid and everything was working perfectly afterwards  

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