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Fullscreen a tad weird

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It's hard to explain but when I go fullscreen, and restart the game, I can't see around 1/3 of the screen because it gets cut off, and I can't go out of fullscreen because apply changes is out of frame.


The resolution is set to 800x600, I don't think I have this issue as much with larger resolutions


Image: b7d11a851cc9f8e80704980773b10a38.png


Also I have horrible loading time into forge lobbies, any fixes to that?

Steps to Reproduce
Step 1. Open DST Step 2. Go to settings Step 3. Turn on fullscreen Step 4. Set resolution to one smaller than yours Step 5. Restart DST Step 6. Profit

User Feedback

Checking your log, it looks like your Intel HD Graphics drivers have not been updated since 2015. Please download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card from Intel's support site.

We also recommend putting your screen resolution to a supported one such as 1366x768 for your laptop. Unfortunately 800x600 is not supported for your laptop. 

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