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  1. I'm working on a test item so I can figure out how items work and really how you'd use them, and I can't get the held item image to show, nor get it to be a weapon, or chop trees. I'm not sure if it's still relevant to post on this old thread but I'd like to still ask here. I've seen people helping out others with this issue but for me, I've done it myself as well and it doesn't fix. Edit; Forgot to mention! The ground and inventory images do work. In the spriter, you can modify the timeline to make the animation take longer, hopefully this'll help you out.
  2. It's hard to explain but when I go fullscreen, and restart the game, I can't see around 1/3 of the screen because it gets cut off, and I can't go out of fullscreen because apply changes is out of frame. The resolution is set to 800x600, I don't think I have this issue as much with larger resolutions Image: Also I have horrible loading time into forge lobbies, any fixes to that?