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Flingomatic fails to protect berry bushes from wilting in summer

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I have a berry bush farm about 2-3 screens away from my base's main area. During summer, even when I remember to return to refill the flingomatics, I occasionally witness that the berry bushes are either wilted, or don't have berries and won't have them for 5 days (as shown by ShowMe mod).

I have had a similar problem with farms (I haven't used them since, and I think the issue happened after spendin time in a different location, but which was about the same distance away from the farms, as the base central area is from the berry bushes now. A forum user has suspected this might have something to do with object pop-out/in. (See link)

Session save provided - this was just before I approched the berry bushes after returning to base.

Layout (currently standing right in the base's central area, berry farm with toothtraps on the right, next to beeboxes):





Steps to Reproduce
Uncertain - use base layout as in provided savefile, top up the flingo, spend some time (3 seg) in the main area, then leave for ~2 days. Alternatively, after refuleing flingo go to beefallo pen, spend 2 segments there (repairing licks), go to central area to fetch the rider, return to bushes to find them withered.
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User Feedback

Just to make sure it is a bug:
1) are you sure they are within range of flingo?
2) when you pick a berry from a bush x times, it also get withered, regardless of season or flingo.

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If you look closely, you can see a snowball flying towards the bushes on the left, and another one having just landed at the bushes on the right. I believe that answers both of your questions  :) (pretty sure fertilizer-exhausted bushes aren't targeted by flingo, not to mention I would know about unfertilised bushes, as I'm playing solo and all the bushes are protected against gobblers)


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I've had the same problem.

This bug has been already reported here


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