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Field Config in AddRecipe2 can no longer be nil

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Before update 499819, modded recipes with nil in the field config of AddRecipe2 worked just fine, but now crash with the following error:

[00:04:19]: [string "scripts/modutil.lua"]:633: attempt to index local 'config' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
        scripts/modutil.lua(633,1) in function 'AddRecipe2'
        ../mods/uncompromising-survival/init/init_recipes.lua(194,1) in function 'result'
        scripts/mods.lua(329,1) in function 'modimport'
        ../mods/uncompromising-survival/init/init_gamemodes/init_uncompromising_mode.lua(83,1) in function 'result'
        scripts/mods.lua(329,1) in function 'modimport'
        ../mods/uncompromising-survival/modmain.lua(6,1) in main chunk
        =[C] in function 'xpcall'
        scripts/util.lua(780,1) in function 'RunInEnvironment'
        scripts/mods.lua(562,1) in function 'InitializeModMain'
        scripts/mods.lua(536,1) in function 'LoadMods'
        scripts/main.lua(356,1) in function 'ModSafeStartup'
        =[C] in function 'SetPersistentString'
        scripts/mainfunctions.lua(26,1) in function 'SavePersistentString'
        =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString'
        scripts/modindex.lua(106,1) in function 'BeginStartupSequence'
        scripts/main.lua(476,1) in function 'callback'
        =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString'
        scripts/modindex.lua(709,1) in function 'Load'
        scripts/main.lua(475,1) in main chunk


Steps to Reproduce

Add a recipe with AddRecipe2, let config nil and enter the game.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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