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Feeding/befriending Merms with Fire Nettle causes them to speak normal English

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As described in title. Merms use Wilson's default speech lines for injesting fire nettles, saying "My insides are burning" or "Ouch, that's hot!" after you feed them fire nettles. Video shown below of this. (NOTE: this video comes from a modded server, though the bug itself is not caused by any means whatsoever from the mod) 

From speech_wilson.lua: 

		"My insides are burning!",
		"Ouch, that's hot!",


Steps to Reproduce

1. Befriend a merm with fire nettles (either as Wurt or wearing a Clever Disguise, as I did) 
2. Watch. 

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User Feedback

6 hours ago, Falkenpelz said:

Maybe the neurocognitive potential of fire nettles was just undiscoverd till this day

That's true, they burn with knowledge! 

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