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Feastclops Lasers, Celestial Champion Lasers, and Enlightening Snares attack more times than intended when hitting multiple targets

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When the Feastclops/Celestial Champion lasers, or Enlightening Snare laser hits a target, it applies an AoE attack as if the attacker was doing a regular hit. This causes damage to multiply for multiple targets hit.

In this video I used the "dummytarget" prefab for testing, it has 1000 health and fully heals it every 1/10th of a second.

When I spawned 10 more "dummytarget"'s, they died and disappeared once hit by the lasers. This is because they were dealt more than 1k damage because every attack on each dummytarget dealt an AoE that hit the others at the same time.

This applies to the Enlightening Snares when they initally fall, and Feastclop's lasers too.

This is because the DoAttack function used for lasers and snares also runs the DoAreaAttack function.
Perhaps Area damage could be disabled before running DoAttack and then enabled again after?

Steps to Reproduce

1. Get hit by a laser/snare
2. Notice nothing unusual, same damage as should be
3. Spawn hittable targets
4. Get all hit by a laser/snare
5. Notice much more damage is dealt, due to an AoE attack being activated for each hittable target.

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