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Falling asleep hindering bug

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There is a bug that hinders the new mushrooms from making you go asleep. All the player has to do is spam analyze something in their proximity. Doing so the player will talk instead of falling asleep, but will surely suffer from the reduced movement speed penalty. The bug won't happen every time you do so, but the probability is not very small either. Found it out after eating those new shrooms and examined the fire camp right before falling asleep. The animation got cancelled and I was able to move freely (that being with the hindered movement speed of course)

Steps to Reproduce

Grab some mushrooms from the new biome and eat 2 of them: right before falling sleep spam examine something in close proximity, one should try with campfires for a higher chance. 

User Feedback

Can confirm this problem. It seems to me the grogginess is applied a few ticks *after* the consumption, but during that delay you're free to do whatever you want. Infact you have enough time to eat a second mushroom and the game will trigger the sleep twice.

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