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Fair Play

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1.thumb.jpg.8a221cc418a6e82e2616caf86573273f.jpg hello guys i know intermediat level of english i try to explain my problem. 20/05/2022 i join the (ENG) - Vanilla Toadstool server. i saw the celestial orb and i am asking base is on the celestial orb after admin says yes base on celestial orb. and i go to celestial orb i saw just island when i am asking to admin why u say base on the celestial orb he say to me it's hermit's base. he made fun of with me after i am find the real base by myself. when i am in the base i say finally i find the base he say to me what base i say base is base man how u could'nt understand this after he think there is have game problem says to me can't see u restart the game when i try to rejoin game you have banned on this server appeared. admin name is PinkE



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can anyone make something for fair play please

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This is not a bug... Don't report people trolling you as bugs. They were clearly making fun of you, but also it's a good idea not to ask where's the base pretty much the first thing you join. Ask how to help instead, make yourself useful... More experienced players generally don't want new joiners to find the base too easily because of griefers and loiterers who do not contribute.

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