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Eyeplants still swallow Spiders whole

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Eyeplants have a tendency to treat Spiders as inventory items first and foremost and thus swallow them in a single bite, instead of treating them as a mob and dealing damage like they do to, for example, hounds.

This is true for bees and other small critters that go into the inventory as well, but Spiders are considerably bigger and tankier than those, not to mention Webber's primary perk.

Steps to Reproduce

Make Spiders "fight" Eyeplants. Watch in horror as Spiders with as much as 400 Health get devoured whole right before your eyes.

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User Feedback

Yea i noticed that when i cracked open a Lureplant that spawned not far from spider infested rocky biome.

I was greeted by swarm of spiders coming out of it.

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