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Exiting cave teleports me to surface florid postern instead of opened sinkhole

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I was playing on Europe central (survival) - Klei Official server and entered the caves to explore. When I exited the caves, I ended up right at the florid postern (portal area) instead of an opened sinkhole. Other players suggest that the entrance that I exited the caves from was an unopened sinkhole, but it was weird as it should show an opened sinkhole but with the sinkhole's shattered resources around it. I am very unsure what is the exact cause of this glitch, but exiting caves entrances with opened sinkholes was working normally so I deduce it was unopened sinkholes.




Steps to Reproduce

1. Play Europe central (survival) - Klei Official server and enter caves

2. Exit caves via cave entrance

3. If cave entrance links to an unopened sinkhole, server sends you back to portal

User Feedback

Sometimes there's uneven amount of entrances and exists. There wasn't a sinkhole connected to the stairs you used, so the game teleported you to the florid postern. If this ever happens to you as a host, you can use commands to try to create a new entrance, but as a client you'll just have to remember that particular staircase will teleport you to spawn. 

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