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Drowning can spawn you right next to tentacle

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If you drown somewhere close to swamp, you may happen to spawn within tentacle reach, unable to run away as you're stuck in waking up animation, which does not provide invincibility during its duration. This usually leads to death as tentacle is able to attack you at least twice.

Steps to Reproduce

Obvious from description.

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User Feedback

35 minutes ago, shadowDigga said:

Player should not be penalized for being unlucky.

Oooh, what a good point! I can already see how the next update will look like:


The 'No More Penalties For Being Unlucky' update:

  • Hammering an Ancient Pseudoscience Station won't spawn agressive mobs now
  • The chance to get Blue Hounds or Red Hounds has been reduced to 0%
  • The chance for spawning an Ewecus or Varg via Suspicious Dirt Pile has been reduced to 0%
  • The chance for getting a Krampus Sack from Krampus has been increased from 1% to 100%
  • [...]
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Thanks for exaggerating things, that might probably even make your original comment feel somewhat less like a quick attempt to appear reasonable. Do you mind to answer my question about being a bug reviewer while you're on an observational spree?

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