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Drown Suspicious Marble into the ocean remove the world's ability to fight shadow creatures forever.

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Tumble weeds wont drop chess if you havent spawn shadow creatures yet, and by dropping/destroying one of the suspicious marble you wont be able to spawn according shadow ever again in that world.
And since the ocean update it is very easy to destroy suspicious marble by drowning them in the ocean, or by other mean.
Pls make tumble weed able to drop knight chest if there are no knight head in the world.

Steps to Reproduce

Carry one of the suspicious marle (Knight head for example)
Walk to boat
Burn boat
The world wont be able to summon shadow knight ever again.

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User Feedback

20 minutes ago, Well-met said:

use a boat winch and get it back.

OH ty i ll try to use winch on everything on the world to see if it drown, i dont know other method of destroying it but drowning them is pretty painful to deal with because i dont know where it is.

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