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Double Sanity Gain

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When killing a Terrorbeak with a slingshot, there is a good chance that your character will continue targeting the Terrorbeak even once it as died. As such, upon death of the Terrorbeak, Walter will gain normal sanity, but if he is able to target the "dead body" of the Terrorbeak, and hit it with another slingshot, he will gain sanity again as though he killed another Terrorbeak.

Steps to Reproduce

Play as Walter

Go insane

Hunt a Terrorbeak (I used the Thulecite Shots and Marble Shots I believe)

Hold down the attack button while killing it

About more than half the time, you will get double sanity gain upon hitting it twice after its death.


User Feedback

This happens with all projectile based weapons that have travel time.

It's been in the game for a long while:


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