Don't Starve Together has run out of memory and must shut down

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My don't starve together will crash and say that it is out of memory at around day 50 and appear more frequently after that. The only way to play the game is to disable mods but it will happen eventually. I have a server with about 50 mods and the setting are on lots and tons. Is this a memory issue with my laptop or an issues with the mods I have?


This is all the mods I have
world regrowth++
waiter 101
Creeps in deeps
Moar metals
Renewable bees
tropical experience / The Volcano Biome
DST fish farm
mush garden
Tungsten mod
More magic and weapons
extra equip slots
Global position
Ice box perish settings
Mineable gems
no fire spread
Steampunk dst
seed balance
no thermal stone durability
default item pack
Health regeneration
Simple health Bars (old)
Wuzzy the buzzy
wort the shambling fungus
Cinna bunn
Invincible structures
Plant flowers closer
Eusong fruit mod
Birds and berries and trees and flowers for friends
Beefalo milk
more drops
More durability( Clothing, misc, Armour, amulet) 4 separate mods
shield 2.0
additional item pack
increase storage
stack sizes
No extinction
Witching hour
Animal drop
Repair antlion sinkhole
Animal drop items
Super wall dst
Pickle it
campfire resurrect
Deluxe campfire pits
Craftable turfs

And for client
item info
Ice fling range checker
Action que reborn
more map icon
Mini Map hud
Craft pot
Geometric Placement
Combined status

Steps to Reproduce

This happens when the game saves

User Feedback

This is most likely due to one or more of the mods you are running. 

Please try running without mods and see if your problem is resolved. After disabling the mods, you may need to verify your game files via Steam.

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