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  1. My don't starve together will crash and say that it is out of memory at around day 50 and appear more frequently after that. The only way to play the game is to disable mods but it will happen eventually. I have a server with about 50 mods and the setting are on lots and tons. Is this a memory issue with my laptop or an issues with the mods I have? This is all the mods I haveworld regrowth++waiter 101Creeps in deepsMoar metalsRenewable beestropical experience / The Volcano BiomeDST fish farmmush gardenTungsten modMore magic and weaponsextra equip slotsLegionGlobal positionIce box perish settingsMineable gemsno fire spreadAPISteampunk dstseed balanceGreenno thermal stone durabilitydefault item packHealth regenerationSimple health Bars (old)Wuzzy the buzzywort the shambling fungusHK-47Cinna bunnInvincible structuresPlant flowers closerEusong fruit modBirds and berries and trees and flowers for friendsBeefalo milkmore dropsMore durability( Clothing, misc, Armour, amulet) 4 separate modsshield 2.0additional item packincrease storagestack sizesNo extinctionWitching hourAnimal dropRepair antlion sinkholeAnimal drop itemsSuper wall dstPickle itcampfire resurrectDeluxe campfire pitsCraftable turfsAnd for clientitem infoIce fling range checkerAction que rebornmore map iconMini Map hudCraft potGeometric PlacementCombined status