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Deerclops's ice appear below Woby (Visual Bug)

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I was fighting Deerclops with more people and when it makes the "ice atack" to another player the ice appear below me when I'm riding Woby, it doesn't make any damage is just a visual bug (I think).




Steps to Reproduce

1. Ride Woby.

2. Use the slingshot to atack Deerclops.

3. Wait near Deerclops until it attacks other player.

User Feedback

Deerclops changes her aggro whenever you attack her. It's not a visual bug, it's because Deerclops is targeting you.

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In the first picture Deerclops is attacking another character, and the ice without damage appear in front of Woby as if she did the attack. An attack that appear in the wrong direction, without damage and in the back of the monster that deal the attack looks kind a Visual bug.

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