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Dedicated server failed to start

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Since the Wickerbottom update, my server shows this error message "dedicated server failed to start". I do have mods installed, starting a new world with the same mods works so it's not the mods causing the crash, I assume.

server_log.txt DxDiag.txt client_log.txt server_log.txt

Steps to Reproduce

Opened DST > clicked on "Host game" > clicked on Copy of Copy of Copy of DigitalSparks502 > Error message "dedicated server failed to launch" 

client_log.txt DxDiag.txt

User Feedback

Have you tried turning off the caves? I noticed that sometimes this partially fixes the problem, at least you can join server.

Also check your exceptions on windows defender or any antivirus you use, this may help fix the problem


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It looks like one of the mods you are running is conflicting with one of our changes regarding the Harvestable component. I'd suggest disabling mods until you can figure out which one is causing the issue and then contact the mod's author.

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