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  1. After formating ther PC I was able to play around 1 week and it starts falling apart again. I added all files from threats to firewall exceptions, I changed the save directory and nothing helped. I don't have idea if this will happen again tomorrow, or let me play for a while... I don't know what else should I do. I can't join any old and new server. Please help server_log.txt client_log.txt
  2. PC cleaned, problem solved (?) I hope it will never happen again. edit: it happened again
  3. As title says, I have an issue with launching a server. Here's a list of what I've done trying to fix this: 1. Restarting the game/Steam/PC 2. Reinstaling the game 3. Checking antivirus and Windows Defender exceptions (and adding dontstarve_steam.exe and dontstarve_dedicated_sever_nullerenderer.exe) 4. Checking if client_log reappears after deleting and restarting the game (it does) 5. Disabling and reainstalling all mods And nothing worked. I dropped client_log and server log from my test server, but problem is on every server i tried to enter. Can someone smarter than me help me? edit: Also, sometimes (like today) when this bug occurs, I don't have news displayed in main menu. I don't know is this related somehow, cause sometimes news are displaying properly and still i can't launch any server. And also this error fixes himself from time to time but I naver have any guarantee that it won't happen again next day. Will reformatting the hard disks help? server_log.txt client_log.txt
  4. Ok... Which functions should I use for this? GetPlayer is probably for DS only...or i did something wrong, cause it crashes my game edit: ok, i got spoliage food working, but i cannot find anything helpful in stategraph folder any help?
  5. I want to add some perks to my character but i can't find clear commands to this: - crafting speed - 1,5 times longer - sanity drain from shadow creatures - 1,5 greater than usual - gains x0,5 less hunger from eating stale and spoiled food - has 10% chace of getting Wet Goop from any crockpot recipe I tried to search for mods in workshop and dug into code, but sadly i'm tired of searching Can someone help?
  6. uh, so it's prevent game from crashing... but still got missing texture game just take a texture from prievious clicked mod, or character in character select menu edit: i took .xml from other mod and... it's working now so problem solved... kinda
  7. Well, trying to make a custom mod icon and when trying to go into mods in dst, game crash using extended_sample_character i changed sample modicon.png and i converted it through textool. textool doesn't create new .xml file so i left old one i used this settings to generate modicon.tex .xml file look like this: is it outdated? i tried also this code: didn't work either when i deleted .xml file everything was ok, except ofc mod icon in-game didn't change looks like game has problem to create icon from mod ingame and this cause crash what should i do?