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"Dedicated server failed to start"

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After the hotfix today (being 14/09/2021) all of my game worlds refused to start up and after "Launching Server"  a massage with following text poped up, "Dedicated Server Failed To Start     There was some sort of issue starting the server. Please try again" wich I listened and tried to boot up again. To my prediction it did not.

Dedicated Server Failed to Start 2021-09-14.png

Steps to Reproduce

1.Update the Game

2.Try to lunch Game World


User Feedback

Thanks for the info. This appears to be a file permissions issue. Something is preventing the game from writing to some folders after a hotfix. It could be Windows or anti-virus software that is not recognizing the new exe as the same software, or not... But we are looking into it.

Verifying the game files via steam and rebooting your computer may resolve the issue.

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