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  1. Thank you @ScottHansen for the adivse. I really appreciate this.
  2. This works, Cave code error probably?
  3. Reboot doesn't work. Ill go look into my anti-virus software to fix this.
  4. Today (September 22) I was trying to lunch my World and after some time a massage displayed "Dedicated Server Failed To Start There was some trouble starting the server. Please try again." When I saw that Following actions were made: Try 3 times, Restart the game, Reinstall the game. All of this was useless unlike reinstalling the game last time but this time it didn't help. Here is the screenshot of the massage and world log. All the other worlds and generation of new one dosen't work too (Massage shows Lunching World and not Generating World!) 33 kb is Cave and 37 kb is Master. server_log.txt server_log.txt
  5. Did you tried reinstalling the game? This happend to me aswell and it worked. I really hope this helps.
  6. Try Reinstalling the game, the same issue happend to me and it apears to work.
  7. Did you tried Reinstaling the game? It worked for me and might work aswell for you.
  8. server_log.txt server_log.txt And apparently when I tried creating a new world the same issue happens. IMPORTANT: I reinstalled the game and it fixed it. It had to be some issue with Steam.
  9. After the hotfix today (being 14/09/2021) all of my game worlds refused to start up and after "Launching Server" a massage with following text poped up, "Dedicated Server Failed To Start There was some sort of issue starting the server. Please try again" wich I listened and tried to boot up again. To my prediction it did not.