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Crashing on Launch

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The game stops responding immediately after I launch it, while it's still displaying nothing but a black screen. I'm actually getting the same behavior from Don't Starve single-player, and both games were running fine last week.

I've tried uninstalling all my mods, updating my drivers, and reinstalling both the game and Steam but I'm still crashing every time I launch it.

Steps to Reproduce
Every time I launch the game

User Feedback

10 hours ago, Awesome-X said:

Ah ha! It appears to work if I close RivaTuner Statistics Server before launching, I can't believe it took me this long to try that. Looks like they put out an update recently, that must have been the culprit.

Ahh yes, I can confirm. As I checked if I had it working I couldn't find it running(which was weird since is it start with windows). I tried to open it and I found it was corrupted. I then remembered that I had tried to update it and the install was unsuccessful. I had been distracted and I never finished the update. Which is why dst suddenly worked for me. 

Thank you Awsome-X, You have some mad troubleshooting skills. the problem would've probably come back down the line when i would've found out riva wasn't running and I would be clueless as to why dst wouldn't start again.

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