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  1. Ahh yes, I can confirm. As I checked if I had it working I couldn't find it running(which was weird since is it start with windows). I tried to open it and I found it was corrupted. I then remembered that I had tried to update it and the install was unsuccessful. I had been distracted and I never finished the update. Which is why dst suddenly worked for me. Thank you Awsome-X, You have some mad troubleshooting skills. the problem would've probably come back down the line when i would've found out riva wasn't running and I would be clueless as to why dst wouldn't start again.
  2. I tried to validate my steam files and a file was replaced (probably the '' file). The game still boots up normally with no problem. client_log.txt
  3. The game boot up with no problem now! i don't know what made the difference but i've attached a log file in case you want to compare it with the log file from when it didn't work. Thank you very much for the attention. Many developers don't even check most of their bug reports, but i must say this is a nice change. client_log.txt
  4. It didn't work. there's a new don't starve folder in 'documents' but the same problem is still there. I've attached the new log file that is generated by doing it. client_log.txt
  5. ah yes sorry onedrive is syncing my documents folder by default. Maybe thats the problem. Ondrive synced my laptop's files that are not compatible with my desktop dst install. I will try seeing if desyncing and reinstalling dst will help. It didn't work. But well now I at least have the right log file. client_chat_log.txt client_log.txt
  6. as i mentioned just before, it must have come from my laptop earlier today. Steam synced up my desktop and laptop. I explain a little deeper in my last message. tl:dr don't mind that log, its not from my desktop, i have no log file for my desktop because it seems like dst doesn't have enough time to create one before it crashes.
  7. Huh weird. Maybe this log file is the right one? client_log.txt oh no, now that i look at the log file i just sent you it seems like its from my laptop from earlier today. the game runs fine on my laptop but not on my pc. It seems like steam is syncing the log files between my two devices, hence the old log file from august must have come from my laptop (i haven't played dst on my laptop since august). I can't find a log file that belongs to my pc. Maybe dst doesn't make a log file before it crashes. Also any old log files have been removed from my computer because i've removed and reinstalled dst a couple of times now, trying to troubleshoot. I'm sorry that i'm not much help right now but all i have is the mini dump files. i have a hole lot of them that i've attached. dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T10_37_19C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T10_38_3C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T10_40_38C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T10_42_33C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T10_47_49C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T10_49_16C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T10_53_32C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T11_2_5C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T11_8_39C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T12_8_58C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_16T12_16_6C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_11_34C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_14_28C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_24_21C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_25_31C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_27_11C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_35_40C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_37_7C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_38_29C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_39_16C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_42_17C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_44_21C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T13_45_53C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T14_21_45C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T14_25_4C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T14_25_43C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_17T17_2_18C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T17_4_33C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T17_4_43C1.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T17_10_52C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T17_13_53C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T17_32_26C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T17_41_55C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T18_36_17C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T19_51_14C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T19_51_41C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T20_7_7C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T20_15_8C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T20_19_22C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T20_28_48C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_244816_crash_2017_12_18T20_42_1C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T15_55_14C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T16_34_26C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T16_37_0C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T17_49_24C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T17_52_48C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T18_1_19C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T18_2_39C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T18_7_22C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T18_9_57C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T18_22_45C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T19_47_46C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T19_48_31C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T19_49_2C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T19_49_19C0.mdmp
  8. Ah sorry, i looked the wrong place for the version number. I'm Currently in version 247542. The same thing is still happening. I have attached a mini dump file of a weird crash were the dst window just closed without any error message or anything like that. I would also attach a log file, but since I reinstalled the game those have disappeared and are not coming back when I run the exe. dontstarve_steam_247542_crash_2017_12_19T18_2_39C0.mdmp
  9. I'm not exactly sure how I would get this update. I've put the game updates for dst at high priority, and restarted steam and tried waiting. But im still at bulid 2380892. I've also tried to check the game integrity in steam as that should force steam to update the game, but that didn't work either. Maybe the update hasn't been released in my region? I live in Denmark.
  10. I've tried everything imaginable to fix this but it just doesn't work. So I'm left no option but leave a bug report. I've attached the two log.txt files and a minidump file. The game windows opens but is black. It stays like that and then windows shut it down saying that the program is not responding. Just to make it clear, windows shuts the game down even if I don't click anywhere (it crashes with a black screen even before any ui has loaded). I don't have this problem with any other game. Im running windows 10: cpu amd a10 5700 gpu gtx 560 ti ram 4gb drr3l 1000gb hdd