Constant crashes in Waterlogged Biome

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Honestly I spent hours on trying to resolve things myself and tried asking for help two other people.
Game crashes when enter the Waterlogger biome. Crashes are random, they can happen in 1 second after reloading game, they can happen after two segments, they can happen after whole day in biome. It directly crash to windows desktop, without leaving any crash information in logs, nor screen. It happens only in Waterlogged biome.
I checked integrity of files with Steam.
Reinstalled game.
Removed all mods (client and server).
Tried to remove canopy shadows.
Tried to remove canopy leaves.
Tried to remove lights.

I feel totally helpless and I have no idea what else I could try.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to waterlogged biome
2. Stay for a while
3. Game crash without any informations

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User Feedback

Is this a dedicated server?

Maybe try one that's locally hosted?

And maybe try sailing to it rather than teleporting after revealing the map.

Idk what else would be causing it otherwise.

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