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click to atack goes crazy

  • Fixed

i just clicked once and the character got stuck atacking. Dont know if was caused for riding the beef but happed all the times i tried to aggro the goats by just clicking on them just one time

Steps to Reproduce

click to select which mob to atack and notice how the character atacks non stop instead of stopping when you release left click

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Also came to report this.

What I tried:

  • Disable all mods
  • Host new game
  • Choose Webber
  • Set your nest
  • Use webby whistle to call out spiders
  • Feed one meat
  • c_give('silk',40)
  • Upgrade nest to lvl 3
  • Cancel-attack the nest (Bug starts here)

What I expected:

  • Being able to walk around the nest without involuntarily hitting spiders, while they kill the nest and each other, and I pick up the loot (classic "spider wars" or spider farming tactic; has worked for a long time)

What I got, Instead:

  • As spider minions attack the nest, it doesn't matter what you do... if you get too close to the nest or a hostile spider, it will continue auto-attacking them... with no button held. This inevitably causes the spiders to stop fighting each other, and target me, killing me instead

I have noticed it may happen in other situations, too. Not 100% certain on repro case yet, but it seems like since the menu update, when I would type in chat, any letters Q and E would be rotating my screen while I typed. Similarly, when standing near a hostile spider or nest, and clicking or ctrl+clicking my backpack inventory (ie. to split a stack of meat, or grab one meat from the stack), this seems to also trigger an attack action. (It feels as if the UI layer is not intercepting the input event; its also bubbling up the event to the backgrounded game)


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