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Clean Sweeper doesn't drop from Totally normal trees from Hallowed Nights

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Clean Sweeper has a 25% chance to spawn from totally normal trees but that's not the case when you plant totally normal saplings with the arboretum experiment from hallowed nights, only natural generated trees can spawn the clean sweeper.

Steps to Reproduce

Craft a totally normal root from the Hallowed Nights tab, plant it and let it fully grown into a totally normal tree. When you chopped down the tree you never gonna get a clean sweeper even if the drop chance should be 25%.

User Feedback

sounds like intentional to prevent having a ton of sweepers. they have infinite durability so why do you need more?

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Simple been the server multiplayer you would need at least need 6 sweepers for a full server. Also the sweeper is also a fuel so you can always use the rest of them to refuel campfires or flingomatics. 

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