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Character battlecries interrupt attacking

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Ever since the Year of the Catcoon, characters will speak after finishing an animation, instead of being cancelled. In combat, characters will sometimes hesitate to speak before going to attack (by holding F), which results in getting hit first. This is especially painful when attempting to fight a crowd of enemies. I think the idle animation can also sometimes cancel attacking as well, resulting in hearing the attack sound, but the player fails to swing their weapon. I made a clip of @Guille6785's video showcasing this bug occuring: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxbp1fDYM_z2xAVjr6SPlcCAo0de4lf4K0

Steps to Reproduce

Attack a crowd of enemies while also kiting them. This is more likely to occur on a server with high latency.

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User Feedback

the year of tiger event changes to talking is very horrible. it make a lot of animations cut off because of talking now to and attacking is unreliable. really should rollback the changes they did which cause this nonsense 

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not only atacking, they stop doing actions when they are saying something

for example, i couldnt hammer at time the shadow pieces statues because the character said his quote when the inventory is full when picked a seed

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