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Can't respawn at florid postern

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On a local hosted LAN game, we aren't able to respawn at the florid postern, though we've been able to do that in previous games that have been set up the same way.

Steps to Reproduce
We weren't doing anything different than before. Our first death in the game at 13 days happened, then we weren't able to respawn.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Hello @kazguenther, welcome to the forums. Can you double check whether or not your server's Game Mode is Endless Mode? Because Endless Mode is the game mode that allows you to respawn at the Florid Postern. While the Survival Mode requires you to use a telltaleheart/resurrection stone/meat effigy/life giving amulet to revive instead.

All servers has always been set to Survival Mode by default upon a server's first start up  when selecting your options when you click "New World" in the Host Game menu. As far as I know, there isn't any way to easily change a Survival Server to an Endless Server. If you want a hassle free endless server, just simply start over and make sure that the game mode is set to Endless and not Survival.


If you like your current world, then I recommend a haphazard way to recreate an endless world in a survival world. Which is by spawning a bunch of resurrection stones at spawn. Spawning command is below for the server's host to enter in their console (pressing tilde sign "~"):


Once the server's host enters that code, they should see the resurrection stone generate where their cursor is, while everyone else will see it instantly pop out of nowhere. Although, if everyone of you ends up as ghosts, the server reset timer will start and unless the server admin is online (assuming a LAN dedicated server), the server will reset if noone revives in time before the counter reaches 0. If however you're playing through the Host Game screen, then hopefully the server's host can input the code fast enough so at least not everyone is a ghost and be able to stop the reset timer.

I hope that helps, cheers.

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It is one of your dedicated server but this one has a serious issue! "Spiders and Such - Klei Offical" cannot spawn on florid postern as we call spawn. because of so many tentacles right on the postern. as soon as someone revievs they just kill the character. I seriously hope you care this reviev.  

me and many other are so mad and you better do something if you have a differens then other game companies that doesnt give a damn about their games and costumers. and just because ı tried to ask if we can restart the server because noone can play properly people kicked 5 - 6 players. if there is a server there shold be an admin WHO can care it I assume.

A Picture of tentacles at the florid postern


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