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can't generate world

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so when i try to generate a world it say its generating then Deditcated Server Failed To Start and under that There was some sort of trouble starting the server.
Please try again. 

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Steps to Reproduce

click generate i gess

User Feedback


There is a lot of ways to cause that error, try checking these:
1) Check if DST Dedicated Server is running. By that I mean the tool from Steam Library.
2) Check your Firewall ports, mainly 10888-10999. These are the ports used by the Servers to get themselves seen to the world.
3) Try restarting the PC. I know, this is kind of basic, just most of the times restarting PC is the best option, giving the previous ones didn't work.

EDIT: Had this problem a couple of times, generally rebooting the game is the fix to the issue. If not, refer to list above

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