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  1. Requirements: 1) A working dedicated server. 2) Not smooth brain (or just watch this guide :D) Steps to do so: 1) ALWAYS backup your server (you know, just to have a return point, like in Windows recovery). Just get to C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Klei\DontStarveTogether(...BetaBranch if server is on Beta) And just do Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V on any cluster you'd like. 2) Go to your main cluster, then create a folder where your secondary caves (or second forest world) will be. I'm used to name it "CavesSecondary", but basically any name will do. 3) Copy server.ini and modoverrides.lua (if you have any mods on the server) to your secondary cluster. If you want a second forest, you copy leveldataoverride.lua from Master folder of your cluster (or you can create your own by using the client world generating menu. Also editable in Notepad++. If you want to have second caves, you copy worldgenoverride.lua from your caves folder. Video demo of using this EDIT: DO NOT TYPE c_regeneratedhard() in your client console or you will lose your progress.
  2. Hello, I recommend using separate folders for your clusters on Dedicated and client hosted games (which is basically the same thing since the server launches anyway), but if you try to disable one thing or the other in the world and the data from older save into the server and, I guess because of mismatching settings (didn’t actually launched GUI servers (from DST, not dedicated server) for literally years) it crashes. As Hank from Detroit: Become Human would’ve said: “That’s just a fancy way of saying you have no ******* clue.” In this case I’d regenerate the world (Ik it’s hard to do, but that’s a worthy sacrifice). I hope I helped you with the issue.
  3. 你好, 你可以用别的游戏语言因为这个游戏的中文有一些问题。推荐用中文的社区翻译,可能要有比较少问题。 我没用中文游戏语言,所以我不知道你怎么有问题,但是我希望我帮你 我努力去dst.metrics.klei.com,去不了,问题404哈哈
  4. Anytime, pal! Also I'm really into solving other peoples issues thing, so I'm glad I could help. Hope you will have a pleasant time not starving in Don't Starve Together!
  5. 您好, 我明白您的问题,还可以帮你啊。你可以用求积分的背包驻地。你需要: 1)打开设置; 2)选择Backpack Layout到Integrated。
  6. I've got some problems with launching Caves server with the error about unavaliability to get anim FROMNUM (whatever that is). Can someone give me any advices on how to fix this? EDIT: There is the info from 1st client log [00:02:22]: Reset() returning [00:02:22]: [Shard] Secondary shard 'Caves(21652643)' restarting... [00:02:22]: World 21652643 is now disconnected [00:02:23]: Validating portal[10] <-> 21652643[10] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[7] <-> 21652643[7] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[4] <-> 21652643[4] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[5] <-> 21652643[5] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[8] <-> 21652643[8] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[3] <-> 21652643[3] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[9] <-> 21652643[9] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[6] <-> 21652643[6] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[2] <-> 21652643[2] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Validating portal[1] <-> 21652643[1] (inactive) [00:02:23]: Could not find anim build FROMNUM After that server is unreachable, looking into it
  7. I've investigated the server log file and it stated some strange "Realistic Placement" mod, but after investigating the usage of the mod it was stated, that the mod has nothing to do with the issue, but still needs a little checking. Investigating... Investigation complete. The .dmp file stored this info. The most interesting info is in the end of the dump: Comment: 'LOGS: [00:09:40]: Assert failure 'false && "Invalid shape type!"' at ..\source\game\components\PhysicsComponent.cpp(562): Trace follows... [00:09:37]: Server Unpaused [00:09:37]: SendRemoteExecute(c_spawn("rook"), -278.746063, -246.489746) [00:09:21]: Server Autopaused [00:09:18]: Serializing user: session/7DD23B7CA77343E5/A7IKCOGO58B8/0000000001 [00:09:18]: Deserializing tile data (425 x 425) [00:09:18]: [TooManyItems] Can not find mod_config_data/toomanyitems_teleport_save_7DD23B7CA77343E5 [00:09:18]: modimport: ../mods/workshop-881455419/Stringslocalization.lua [00:09:14]: Deleting user: session/7DD23B7CA77343E5/A7IKCOGO58B8/0000000001 [00:09:14]: ReceiveResumeNotification [00:09:14]: Attempting to send resume request [00:09:12]: Reset() returning Despite having the Fix for TMI, the cause of the crash is still TMI, I'd assume. Try disabling it and check if this works. Also you have Display Attack Range of the same version BOTH server- and client-side. Try disabling that as well and check if that crashes the game. EDIT: Actually reproduced your mod scheme and tested the disabling schemes, but I'm completely buffled. It must be a server mod that ruins the fun for you, but I can't tell for sure unless I run tests on Dedicated Server. EDIT 2: Ran one test on Dedicated server. After game crash server was still up, so that should be some client-side mod, so try disabling those.
  8. Yeah, the file is marked as "client_log.txt" and "server_log.txt" (or something like this, I'm not really good at this since I reinstalled Win10 recently). Also uploading a .dmp file is useful (should be located in the installation directory).
  9. Hello, The images are considered different quality. Woven ones can be unraveled, when the Klei Reward one - can't. Did you weave the item and then bought the item from Klei Awards website? But in any case, the Klei points are non-refundable, I assume and you have to blame only yourself for it. Sadly, nobody can't help you Press F -500 spools
  10. I've just tried using the BT to connect the DS4 controller to the game, but it still shows the controller as "Generic Controller in game. This might be a known issue, that is going to be fixed in one of the next hotfix. My controller is connected via BT But the game still recognizes the gamepad as a "Generic Controller" The only fix of the issue I see right now is using 3rd party software, such as DS4Windows (GitHub link) and emulating Xbox Controller with it (Simply go to Edit tab, go to "Other" and change "Emulated controller" setting (quick Imgur guide from me on this)or ReWASD (pretty poor analog, that replaces your keyboard inputs with gamepad inputs or smth like this, never actually investigated in this. The link to the website. Not available in RU and BY, but still available in the rest of the world. Link)
  11. Hello, I assume that the game uses the standard lantern that a standard layout for animations and the animations for the items are not linked to the actual items' skins and all the items that are able to equip.
  12. Hello, It seems like there is a delay between recieving the items from Klei Rewards website and actually obtaining them in the game. I'd recommend you close the game for ~5 minutes, and when reopening it, wait about 5-10 seconds till the game receives all the data from Klei Servers.
  13. Hello, Can you please link the posts that you've mentioned found, so we can have a better clue about the issue? Do you use any mods? Does the logs say anything about the modification of the world? Can you also link those (pastebin/Imgur link will do)?
  14. Hello or should I say 你好 since you are Chinese (looks like it from screenshots/logs), There are some mods that removes starting items for characters (I've experienced it myself when was using Finder Redux mod) due to an unknown bug of sort. Basically, you should try and disabling mods one-by-one and see if that fixed the issue. 这个游戏有一些时尚,它们可以删除角色初级东西(我在用Finder Redux的时候有过这个问题)。你需要断开一个一个时尚,检查什么时尚检是问题的引起。 对不起我的中文有错误,我用了词典,希望没问题 Edit: some Chinese typo changes EDIT 2: Also logs are saying they are not able to open some of the folders in game installation path (I dislike Apple for that), try changing rights on folders (usually being done by typing chmod command in Terminal, but hell if I know :-/)
  15. Hello, There is a lot of ways to cause that error, try checking these: 1) Check if DST Dedicated Server is running. By that I mean the tool from Steam Library. 2) Check your Firewall ports, mainly 10888-10999. These are the ports used by the Servers to get themselves seen to the world. 3) Try restarting the PC. I know, this is kind of basic, just most of the times restarting PC is the best option, giving the previous ones didn't work. EDIT: Had this problem a couple of times, generally rebooting the game is the fix to the issue. If not, refer to list above