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Can't enter my host world with a client mod

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I just purchased the game yesterday. Whenever I want start my own world with a client mod included, I get a warning error that is shown in the screenshot attached.

How can you help me fix this please?

ps. attached are game and diagnostic logs if needed1190029676_Screenshot(1455).thumb.png.ab272aaa85932fc866d0533f7450a100.png

Klei.rar DxDiag.txt client_log.txt

Steps to Reproduce

1. I subscribed to the mods that I want

2. When I am in game, and then begin launching my own hosted server, I select the mods I want both server and client mods

3. I click start and wait for the server to launch

4. I get the warning error that is in the screenshot attached.

PS. I tried a lot of things and finally found out that removing all client mods allows me to play, and server mods enabled don't cause any problem

Screenshot (1455).png

User Feedback

The issue is more about the mods themselves rather than the game (Since you said you can play with them turned off.). Try testing them one by one and see which one is causing the crash (Unless you're using just one). But Klei doesn't fix mod issues, that's more along the lines of the mod creators job; to fix bugs that the mod may cause.

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