Can't connect to my server

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When i try to log in to the server i have which is over 1000 days my character seems to not be displayed on the screen like i can't see my character and i also cant move in any direction. Few seconds after that i get a message saying ' You have lost connection to the server ' and my internet is absolutely fine considering that my pc is connected directly to my router via cable.

If anyone knows how this can be fixed pls consider writing me a response

oh and i have 16 mods enabled 15 of which i have played with for over 1000 days on the server and never had any issues, one which i enabled yesterday but the server disconnects me even if that mod is not enabled. There is one mod in particular that enhances boat size its called 'giant boats' its one of the mods ive had before the most recent update I am suspicious that, that mod messes with my world now because of the new update but i dont know and hope not. 

Screenshot (1079).jpg

Screenshot (1079).png

Steps to Reproduce

Don't know what this is 

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Make a copy of your world and disable the mods in the copy world to see which mod is causing the issue.

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