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  1. thanks again yea I think it was my antivirus because I've had this problem before actually and it was the antivirus but I fixed it somehow made it so the antivirus leaves DST alone but when it happened again I was worried cause I thought I would never have to worry about that problem again and yet it still occur.
  2. I will try this is not gonna mess the game save file tho right ? ok so it worked thank you for the help guys and klei you can take down my complain now
  3. 2 days ago the server was working perfectly and I know damn well I have enough disk space and all of that to continue playing DST 10 years in the future. I was worried that it could be a malicious malware, virus or whatever I don't really understand those things but I am pretty sure this could not be the reason why my server is not working either because I am pretty sure my computer could not have caught virus or malware in just 2 days not even 2 days but yea. If you could look into it and maybe fix that I will be very grateful. Would love to get back to my server as soon as possible. Also thanks for fixing the salt lick bug I reported a week ago very much appreciated. Here is a a picture of what message I get when I try to load my server.
  4. The only structure I have noticed taking double the materials to make one time it takes the materials to make 2 boards and 4 nitre and then it takes the same amount of resources to be placed down I play as Wanda is kinda and issue for me since i am taking care of 3 beefalo's and I make 5 salt licks per beefalo I dont want to be wasting more materials then the recipe requires