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[BUG] Screen Flicking on Pitchfork Dig

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Whenever I dig up turf with the pitchfork, the screen "flashes/flickers".

It's like the game is redrawing the map or the new ground when the turf gets dug out.

It also flickers when I place turf into the ground.

It's like the game is redrawing the ground whenever the ground changes.

Hope you guys can fix this.

Steps to Reproduce
I have a 4k Monitor. BenQ series. I play it windows Mode. I play as normal, craft a pitchfork. Dig up ground/turf. Screen Flashes/Flicker for a second. Place turf back into ground. Screen Flashes/Flickers for a second. I notice this happens in the regular Don't Starve as well.

User Feedback

My video card is GeForceGTX970  (nothing fancy. no overclocking.  Using Windows10).

My video drivers are all updated as well.   In case somebody says, have you tried updating your video card.

I posted this bug a way back on Steam and others have reported saying they got similar problems.


Okay. So I disabled "Bloom" in the settings and the flicker doesn't happen anymore.

So just in case you guys need to figure out why the flicker happens in "Bloom" setting.


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Status: Closed

This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

Sorry for necroposting, but why is this not a bug?

I have the same issue with Bloom setting on.
Or this is something that is supposed to happen because of "bloom"?

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