Boss "tactics" using exploits

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Hi there!

As you may probably know, there's lots of bugs and glitches in DST. There's thousands of bug founded ways to kill any boss. I know that lots of players here will protest against fixing all these stuff, but still:

  1. Please fix bug when you can jump out from map by building wardrobe\planting meat bulb in the corner of map
  2. Ice Flingomatic shouldn't be able to freeze bosses.
  3. Klaus and Stalker should be able to attack\destroy lureplants\fossils on their way.
  4. Werepigs should attack marble statues\walls\structures on their way. Or add another mob to moonlight platform event, who can do that.
  5. Dragonfly's lavaes probably shouldn't stuck in walls. 
  6. Ancient Guardian shouldn't have an ability to stuck in the big columns on his spawn point.
  7. Wickerbottom's tentacles could try to destroy structures (especially walls) to find a place for a spawn.
  8. Probably to improve logic of koalefant to smth closer to cave monkey logic. It's so hard to make monkeys stuck in the corner of map, but koalefant...






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Dragonfly's lavaes probably shouldn't stuck in walls.

Are you referring to the arrangement, where a gap in the wall is blocked by a structure with collision physics? (With dragonfly's lavae, this would typically be the magma pool). Because I've never seen mobs getting stuck on walls per se, only getting stuck on these structures/objects. The walls aren't even required - just put 2 such object close to each other (Antlion's cave-in boulders, anyone?).

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